Vision and eye problems like blurry vision, dry eyes, trouble with depth perception, and problems adjusting to rapid changes in light are much more common in people with Parkinson’s disease than in people without the disorder, according to a study published in the March 11, 2020, online issue of神经病学®,医学杂志美国神经病学院.研究还发现,这些问题会影响一个人的日常活动。荷兰奈梅亨内梅亨内梅亨大学医学中心的研究作者Carlijn D.J.M. Borm医学博士说:“对帕金森患者来说,拥有最好的视力尤其重要,因为它可以帮助弥补由该疾病引起的运动问题,并帮助降低跌倒的风险。”“我们的研究发现,帕金森氏症患者不仅会出现眼部问题,而且这些问题可能会影响他们的日常生活。然而,大多数眼部问题是可以治疗的,所以如果可能的话,对帕金森患者进行筛查和治疗是很重要的。”这项研究涉及848名帕金森患者,他们平均有7年的症状。他们与250名没有患病的人进行了比较。两组人的平均年龄都在70岁。参与者完成了一份关于视力和眼睛问题的问卷。对于所描述的每一个问题,比如“我的眼睛有灼烧感或坚毅感”和“本应是直线的线条似乎是波浪状或模糊的”,参与者被要求从四种回答中选择。 A response of “never have symptoms” was worth one point. A response of “daily symptoms” was worth four points. There were 16 such questions as well as one question about visual hallucinations that required a yes or no response, with yes being worth one point, for a total possible score of 51 points. Participants were also asked if eye problems interfered with their daily activities such as driving a car, working on a computer, walking or personal care. Researchers found that 82% of people with Parkinson’s reported one or more eye problems compared to 48% of people without the disease. The average score on the questionnaire was 10 points for people with Parkinson’s compared to two points for people without the disease. Researchers also found that eye problems interfered with daily life for 68% of people with Parkinson’s compared to 35% of people without the disease. “Eye problems make it more difficult for people with Parkinson’s to physically navigate daily life, for example we found that half of study participants experienced problems with reading, and 33% had eye problems that interfered with driving a car,” said Borm. “People with Parkinson’s who express that they have eye problems should be referred to a specialist for further evaluation. For those who do not express such problems, using a questionnaire to screen for problems that may otherwise be missed might allow for recognition, timely treatment and improving the quality of life.” A limitation of the study was that since people were asked if they would like to participate in the study, it is possible that people with vision problems were more likely to respond, possibly resulting in an overestimation of eye problems. The study was supported by the Stichting ParkinsonFonds. Learn more about Parkinson’s disease,美国神经学院校的家庭自由患者和护理人员杂志的家园集中在神经系统疾病和脑健康的交叉口。跟随脑和生命®Facebook推特Instagram..美国神经科学院是世界上最大的神经科医生和神经科学专业人士协会,有36,000名成员。AAN致力于促进最高质量的患者以患者为中心的神经系统护理。神经科医生是一位专业培训,用于诊断,治疗和治疗大脑和神经系统的疾病,如阿尔茨海默病,中风,偏头痛,多发性硬化症,脑震荡,帕金森病和癫痫。