Kraken Kratom vendor review 2019

Kraken Kratom is the first among the many companies in the kratom industry to be recognized and certified by American Kratom Association for producing the best and high-quality kratom products in the market. Having our name at the top of the list we strive to give the best services to our customers.

We provide high-grade kratom extract and the leaves for those who like and in house formulation all of these we get from our supplies who do indigenous kratom farming. We are also going an extra mile to bring in new exciting kratom products in the market so that you get to choose what works best for you. These new products are well tested to make sure they execute an effect that is better than others.

Customers are our bosses

You need the highest grade products as a customer and this is what we are committed to giving. That is why we offer free shipping within the U.S. and you will be delivered your product on the same day. You can order any amount as there is no maximum order that you are supposed to place. At Kraken Kratom, you do not need a promotion code just place your order and our logistics team will work on the shipment. In case of any inconveniences from the product you receive you are free to contact us as we are always ready to receive critics so that we better our services.

Our products

We deal with all the kratom that exist in the market. Here is where you get the strains of your preference because we have trusted supplies of different strains that supply us frequently and you can never miss one as we stock a lot of them. Our products include

  • OG Bali, this bulk kratom comes from Indonesia Islands and it is known for its rapid onset of action. Ours is well crushed with the ultimate consistency that you need. It the currently high rated product in the market.
  • Red Maeng Da is well known as Red Vein Kratom and its effects
  • White Borneo is only found from certain jungles of Borneo and it is well known for its high mitragynine content
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Tea capsule kratom this is the well-known enhance Kratom in the market and each capsule contain the same extract content as it is in the original plant
  • Gold Reserved Tea Capsule is a full spectrum Kratom high graded product that contains about 200mgs per gram. It is one of the kratom products with the highest alkaloid content.

Get the high graded kratom that has passed the GMP standards from us. They are gotten directly from the original kratom that grows naturally without any chemicals additives. We evenly blend our product and all of them have to pass the U.S pharmacopeia before we sell them to our clients. As a wholesale buyer you do not have to worry about the quality of the products as all of them are safe for human consumption. Do you want kratom product to sell or treat a certain symptom do not hesitate, give us a call as we are always happy to serve you.